Passion for the Terroir

We see ourselves as companions of our wines: companions with an idea, an objective,
a presentation of style. Wine is a cultural asset that with our help can realise
its full potential. We observe the individual character of each plot, we let
each barrel develop its peculiarity – sometimes with its rough edges.

We give room to the natural processes and the necessary time. Only with patience and a great deal
 of sensitivity, our multi-faceted burgundy with refined elegance and a powerful expression
can emerge as the imprint of the cultural landscape of the central Kaiserstuhl.


The Schätzle-range is divided into four categories according to the principle applied in the Burgundy region. The individual plots were specially classified and evaluated according to various quality criteria. The most important factor is the basalt and volcanic rock proportion in the soil. The higher this is (in the case of the reserve wines almost 100%), the more multi-layered and complex the wines are. In addition, the angle of the sunlight and the local micro-climate are influencing the maturity and variety of flavors of the grapes.  Thus, our unique wines, sparkling wines and distillates emerge,  characterised by their origin.
Finally, with a lot of love they are hand-finished by us.